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About Us

Closer Together Events was born out of one woman's passionate belief that our friendships should be

given the same amount of priority, attention and love as is given to our romantic partner.

These unique game night events were designed to be a space where you would have the ability to reprioritize someone in your life who you may not see enough - whether that be your friend, your parent, your sibling, or whomever - and be able to

reinvigorate your relationship for a night, all through fun games and thought-provoking conversation.

We like to kick it old school and remember what life was like before technology lived in our pockets... back when people played board games, really looked at each other as they spoke, and had face-to-face conversation without distractions. 

Do you miss that too? Then come join us and let yourself get lost in the joy of someone's company.

What is a "Closer Together" Game Night?

Check out this quick 1-minute video for a brief overview of what our event is all about!

Curious who you should bring with you?

We think this is the perfect event to bring a friend or family member to (18+), but couples are welcome too!


"The intent you have for your event is 100% effective because I feel closer to my daughter than ever!"

Susan F.

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